About Us

At Probity Advisors, Inc.®, our name reflects our guiding principle. Probity, by definition, means integrity and honesty. That’s what you can expect, in all facets of your relationship with our company.

Probity Advisors, Inc. is a financial services firm based in Dallas, Texas. For more than 60 years, Probity has helped individuals, families and businesses manage their financial assets and resources in order to achieve financial independence and security. With expertise in customized portfolio management, financial and estate planning, retirement benefits consulting, risk management solutions and tax planning, Probity provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing and building wealth.

Probity’s team of Certified Financial Planners®, Chartered Financial Analysts®, and Chartered Financial Consultants® is committed to providing sound and unbiased advice to help clients optimize their complete financial picture with a coordinated estate, investment and tax strategy.

Our Client Services Team

Adam Bronson, CFA®, CFP®
Adam Bronson, CFA®, CFP®
Portfolio Manager

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Alissa Kaiser
Alissa Kaiser
Senior Associate

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Christopher Sorrow, MBA, CFA®
Christopher Sorrow, MBA, CFA®
Vice President

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Porter L. Ozanne, III, AEP®, ChFC®
Porter L. Ozanne, III, AEP®, ChFC®

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About Wealth Services Alliance®

Wealth Services Alliance was created more than a decade ago to offer comprehensive financial and wealth management services to clients through an alliance of professionals — all working together in concert under a single organization. For example, most individuals juggle their financial lives managing a range of independent professionals. This includes a CPA for taxes, an investment advisor for portfolios, a financial planner for estate planning purposes, and an agent for risk management solutions. Subsequently, each advisor may work independently, without interaction and without communication with a client’s other trusted advisors. Consequently, this is often inefficient, requiring the individual client to unify and implement the advice from various professionals and specialists.

Wealth Services Alliance presents a new paradigm to financial advice focused on putting the client in the center. Wealth Services Alliance integrates accounting, portfolio management, planning, and risk management into a comprehensive, customized solution for each client. That means your portfolio manager talks to your CPA about potential tax consequences related to trades in your portfolio. Furthermore, your estate planning goals and your financial planning strategies become aligned, and every effort to help manage and protect your financial future becomes cohesive and coordinated. As a result, you have a team of experts working in unison on your behalf for optimal financial outcomes. All of us sit on the same side of the table: yours.

With this in mind, the members of Wealth Services Alliance include two independent, experienced companies. Each company specializes in different areas of personal and business finance, simultaneously working together to provide holistic solutions and advice.

Probity Advisors, Inc.® – a comprehensive financial management firm employing the latest technology, research, and insight to deliver individualized, professionally-managed portfolios. In addition, Probity also provides corporate retirement planning services. The associates at Probity include estate and financial planning advisors, as well as highly-credentialed and experienced portfolio managers and analysts.

Ozanne Financial Services – a holistic financial planning firm offering retirement planning, estate planning, and risk management. This is achieved through life, disability and long-term care insurance, education planning, and business continuation and exit strategy. Ozanne also offers corporate retirement plan design and education.

Above all, the members of Wealth Services Alliance subscribe to the highest standards of professional service. As a matter of fact, we don’t just share office space; we share a commitment to helping clients achieve financial security through the integration of planning, portfolio management, risk management, and tax planning.