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A Better Workplace Savings Plan for Your Business


Flexible options. Far reaching benefits.

One of the best ways to attract and retain outstanding employees is to offer top-notch benefits. But until now, many businesses had limited options for their workplace savings plans.

Probity Advisors is an expert in creating innovative 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans, as well as pension and profit-sharing plans for all sized businesses. After determining your needs, we’ll work with you to develop a plan that gives you and your employees the right mix of investment options, without bogging you down with complex administration.

Choices without complication.

Probity Advisors’ Retirement Plan Platform gives your employees choices – not only in investment type, but also in the amount of advice they want. We offer a comprehensive range of investment strategies – from actively managed, indexed portfolios to employee self-directed options. You and your employees can even choose to have a personal money manager build a custom portfolio suited to your objectives. That means you and your employees have the option of engaging Probity portfolio managers to personally manage your own custom investment portfolio. That’s a value that most other plans don’t provide.

Workplace Savings Plan Options:

Advisory Option

Multi-asset class investment models managed by Probity Advisors’ portfolio management team. This low-cost, fully outsourced advisory option is ideal for accounts of all sizes.

Core Mutual Fund Option

A list of top-performing mutual funds compiled quarterly by Probity Advisors. This option appeals to employees who want the same type of retirement options they have had in the past, but with the knowledge that an outside portfolio manager is continuously reviewing and optimizing these choices.

Capital Preservation Option

A fund option that helps protect principal, while giving the participant the potential for growth at a stated rate of interest. This option is for the risk-averse investor looking for a return that may be higher than that available from a savings account.

Customized Portfolio Option*

An individually managed portfolio administered by Probity Advisors’ portfolio management team. Ideal for executives or participants with larger account balances who want to know their account is being managed specifically to their objectives.

Self-Directed Brokerage Account**

Employees can invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds through an online brokerage account.

*Customized Portfolio Option is available as a participant feature within the Self-Directed Brokerage Account. Customized Portfolios are subject to the advisor’s investment minimums.
**Feature available at the direction of plan sponsor.

Easy to adopt. Easy to manage.

Even with all the options, Probity Advisors’ Retirement Plan Platform is easy to use – both for you and your employees. We will work with you to effectively launch your program internally, answer employee questions, and set up convenient, online enrollment. We offer an automatic enrollment option that ensures all of your eligible employees participate in the program.

With a Probity Advisors workplace savings plan for your employees and for your business, you get a competitively priced plan with personal portfolio options that meet all federal compliance standards. Your employees get the choices they need to secure their financial futures.


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