Market Commentaries

27 Sep

Whistleblower Stalls Markets

September 27, 2019 A light week for economic news resulted in Washington’s latest political drama having disproportionate sway over markets. Following the release of a whistleblower complaint, House Democrats set in motion a formal impeachment inquiry into whether President Trump’s recent request to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Hunter Biden — son of Democratic…

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20 Sep

Stocks Fade as Chinese Walk from Talks

September 20, 2019 Bulls were poised to make it another winning week but came up short on late-breaking news regarding U.S.-China trade talks. On Friday afternoon, news hit the wires that a China delegation had canceled a planned visit to U.S. farms, renewing concerns China would fail to follow through on their commitment to increase…

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13 Sep

Bulls Go 8 for 8

September 13, 2019 Markets charged ahead for their eighth consecutive, higher, weekly close. The move was fueled by optimism over tariff delays from both the U.S. and China as well as tame U.S. economic data. In a sign of goodwill in advance of face-to-face meetings scheduled next month, China agreed to boost purchases of U.S….

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