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17 Jun

Recession, Not Inflation, Now the Market’s Primary Concern

June 17th, 2022 After months of the S&P 500 avoiding a bear market, the dual pressures of broadening inflation and an increasingly hawkish Fed ultimately broke through any remaining bullish resistance. The S&P 500 index officially closed in bear territory on Monday, June 13, closing the trading session at 3,749.63. That put the index -22%…

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10 Jun

May CPI Report Shakes Markets

June 10th, 2022 The May CPI report shook Wall Street on Friday with the Dow plunging 880 points as hopes were dashed we have reached the peak in inflation. The consumer price index rose 8.60% from a year ago on broad-based gains in prices throughout the economy. This was the index’s highest reading since December 1981….

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03 Jun

Strong Labor Data Raises Fed Concerns

June 3rd, 2022 Optimism fizzled during the week’s shortened trading session. Bulls had initially sought to build momentum on last week’s positive shift in sentiment over the health of the U.S. consumer, but a better-than-expected jobs report and healthy ISM Manufacturing and Services reports brought the Fed’s rate path back into focus. The strength of…

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