What Do I Do Next?



Hi, I’m Buddy Ozanne, president of Probity Advisors. Our advisors have more than 50 years of experience helping clients leading up to, during, and following a divorce or other financial transition such as the death of a spouse.

When it occurs, the uncoupling of the financial and emotional partnership of a marriage is likely the largest financial transaction an individual or couple will ever make. Our advisors help client’s undergoing the legal process of a divorce and also the death of a spouse to ensure they make financial decisions based on information and understanding and not on emotion.

The services that we provide can include conducting a lifestyle analysis of family finances to determine accurate figures for income, expenses, assets and liability. We can calculate immediately cash flow needs and determine future budget requirements. We help show clients the long term effects of various divorce settlement options and help clients make the best decisions and with confidence.

The main concerns that our clients who are experiencing a major financial transition such as a divorce or the death of a spouse is about maintaining their lifestyle and how they will get by. We help alleviate the stress and uncertainty surrounding the financial components of a major life transition.

In the event of the death of a spouse, we help widows to understand their financial picture, their estate plan if they have one, the structure of any and all assets they may have, and we help manage the asset if needed.

When a spouse dies, one of the things that can be a heavy burden and make the lost a of a loved one more difficult, is a lack of understanding of the couples financial picture. As a result, we work diligently to provide the financial education necessary to help take away the fear factor of a sudden or unexpected death. This can often help the widow through the grieving process. Our advisors can be your financial advocate during times of financial transition.

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