Whitney Magers

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Marcus Whitney Magers, CFP®

As your advisor,  I work diligently to bring clarity to you about all aspects of your financial life and to help you make purposeful and thoughtful decisions to preserve, grow, and protect your wealth.  I believe in acting with integrity and transparency, and I am committed to bringing simplicity to complex financial topics.  My background and experience allow me to provide unparalleled personal service and advice while valuing your most precious resource: time.

My Ideal Client

I specialize in helping executives identify and contemplate the financial implications of liquidity events, succession plans, and wealth transfer to future generations, key employees, or to a strategic buyer.

When we work together, your plan is coordinated with a team of experts specializing in investments, insurance, accounting, banking, and estate and charitable planning.  Our team of wealth management professionals at Probity Advisors is highly experienced and credentialed, holding the industry’s most rigorous and esteemed designations, including Chartered Financial Analyst, MBA, Accredited Estate Planner, Chartered Financial Consultant, and more.

Top 3 Questions My Clients Ask Before Hiring Me:

1. How many clients do you serve?

  • I have intentionally limited the number of clients I serve in order to provide immense value and personalized advice. The number of clients I serve is limited to 75.


2. How Are You Compensated?

  • For planning clients, I charge a fixed planning fee based on the complexity of your financial situation and objectives.  I will disclose this amount to you up front once we have a clear understanding of your financial life and what you want to accomplish and before we begin working together.  This fee is generally $2,500 to $25,000.
  • Investment accounts are charged on a fee-only basis which means the fee is based on the value of your account.  We both benefit if your account rises in value.  If your account goes down, I earn less, so I have an economic incentive to help your account grow.
  • For clients who use our insurance recommendations, I am compensated by commissions paid to advisors by insurance companies.  Because I am committed to acting with integrity and transparency, I will only recommend products that are coordinated with your comprehensive financial plan.


3. How do I know if we are a good fit to work together?

  • I do my best work for clients who have at least $3mm in net worth, accumulated wealth, or investable assets and are looking for a trusted advisor and partner to help guide them through the complexity that wealth brings.

What does it mean to be a Certified Financial Planner®?

CFP® professionals are held to rigorous professional and ethical standards and are sworn fiduciaries that are required to act in their clients’ best interests.  Achieving this credential requires 4,000 hours of financial planning experience and fulfilling extensive industry requirements.

Marcus Whitney Magers, CFP®
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