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11 Nov

Consumer Price Index Trumps Midterms

November 11th, 2022 Voters headed to the voting booths on Tuesday for one of the most hotly contested midterm elections in history. Polls heading into the election suggested a “Red Wave” might be in the works, similar to the 1994 and 2010 midterms where Republicans gained 54 and 64 seats, respectively. Wall Street placed wagers…

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04 Nov

Market’s Multi-Week Rally Fizzles When Faced with the Hard Truth

November 4th, 2022 The market had an uphill challenge coming into the week, having both the Fed and jobs announcements stacked against it. That didn’t stop bulls, however, from trying to keep the momentum going, despite the week’s major data releases being less than supportive of their case. On Wednesday, the Fed raised rates by…

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28 Oct

Markets Provide Investors with Early Treat

October 28th, 2022 The Dow Jones Industrial Average notched its fourth straight winning week as the index’s member companies posted strong Q3 results. McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Visa, Caterpillar, and Merck all topped estimates. The index’s composition allowed the Dow to sidestep the wreck in big tech from the likes of Meta, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, which…

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