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19 Mar

Rates Shake Markets Again

March 19, 2021 Despite setting another record high mid-week, the S&P 500 ended the week lower as bond markets continued to sound the alarm over rising rates. Stocks hit all-time highs Wednesday as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell struck the right tone at this week’s FOMC meeting. He once again reiterated the central bank’s commitment…

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12 Mar

Good News All Around Spurs Market to Rocket

March 12, 2021 The tug of war between economic growth and rising rates continued this week, but ultimately the sheer volume of positive news was just too hard for markets to ignore. Tame inflation figures, rising consumer sentiment, an easing in jobless claims and a massive stimulus plan had bulls focused on the near-term lift…

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05 Mar

Powell Says all the Right Things, Markets Pout Anyway

March 5, 2021 It was another tough week for markets as bond rates continued to climb. The U.S. 10-year treasury yield closed the week at 1.58%, up 0.65% from the beginning of the year. The move spurred investors to continue to flee interest-rate sensitive, long-term bonds and high-flying growth stocks, while the rotation into economically…

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